Managing Consigned Items

Managing Consigned Items

Only Quantity and Serialized type items can be taken as a consignment. When taking in a Quantity type item, it will be converted into a Serialized type item with its unique item number.

How to Configure Consignment Value

You can configure your consignment percentage on three different levels. You can configure:
  • A general percentage for consigned items across your store.
  • A specific percentage for customers and companies.
  • Options to display a validation message for the cost amount when creating a consignment invoice.
To configure the general percentage value for  consignment in your store:
  1. In the Setup window.
  2. Invoice > Page 5 > Consignment .
  3. Under the Consignment section.
  4. Enter the general percentage value of consignment in your store.
Below the percentage, you can enable or disable the option to display a validation message for the cost amount when creating a consignment invoice.

How to set a consignment percentage value for customers/companies

  1. In the Contact module.
  2. Search for your customer's profile and double-click to edit their profile.
  3. You will be able to add a personalized consignment percentage value.

How to Take Items in Consignment

If your item is already in your catalog
  1. In the Invoice module.
  2. Choose the  Consignment invoice type in the right panel.
  3. Search for your item and add it to your invoice.
  4. Add a purchase and sale price.
  5. Finalize the transaction.
  6. You will be able to print labels if necessary. 

If the item is not in your catalog
  1. In the Invoice module.
  2. Choose Consignment as the type of invoice from the right panel.
  3. Search for your item and add it to your invoice and if you can't find it, click on the + button to add it to your catalog.
  4. Add the newly created item to the invoice.
  5. Finalize the transaction.
  6. You will be able to print labels if necessary. 

How to Pay for a Customer's Consigned Items

  1. In the Contact module.
  2. Choose your customer's profile.
  3. Click on Display Consignments.
  4. You will then see:
    • Active Consignments
    • Sold Consignments
    • Paid Consignments
    • Payments
    • Canceled
From this window, you will be able to pay off a customer's sold consigned items. You can either pay them in full or partially.

How to view the customer's Consignment statement

Here's how you can access a customer's account statement from the Contact module:
  • Look up your customer.
  • Click on Consignment Statement under See Reports.
  • Your customer's consignment statement will then be displayed and ready to be printed if need be. 
  • Otherwise, you can send it to the customer via email by clicking the Send by email icon.

How to access the Consignment Report 

  1. In the Reports module.
  2. Select Consignment.
  3. Find your customer.
  4. Click on View
You can also send the consignment statement via email by clicking on the Send by email icon: 

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