How to Create a Company

How to Create a Company

  • Go into the Contact module.
  • Select the Company radio button.
  • Click the Add a company icon.
  • The Add company window will be displayed.
    1. Select the type of company: public or private.
    2. Determine if this is your Company's quick sale customer.
    3. Company name.
    4. Price List: You can assign a price list to the company.
    5. Division: Specify the division if dealing with a large business (ex: shipping, laboratory, etc...).
    6. Consignment percentage: Assign a consignment % if applicable.
    7. Number: Add the company number if applicable.
    8. Language: Select the language in which to generate emails and invoices.
    9. Type of Company: Choose the Company type based on what previously configured.
    10. Tax Group: Set a tax group if the business has a special tax rule (Ex: HST excluded).
    11. Check the Mandatory reference number on sale field if you would like to use P.O. numbers for your companies.

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