How to Delete a Product from your Catalog

How to Delete a Product from your Catalog

You can remove a product from your catalog if your administrator allows you to do so. Please note that nothing is ever lost in Alice POS and you will always be able to find the deleted product if needed.
  1. Find your product in your Catalog.
  2. Make sure the item's in-stock quantities are at 0. 
  3. You can either right-click on your product and select Delete or
  4. Click the delete button under the Actions section
  5. You'll be prompted to explain your action.

How to Reactivate Deleted Items

Thankfully, nothing's really ever deleted or lost with Alice POS so if you accidentally deleted an item, you can find and reactivate it.
  1. In the Inventory module Catalog list, locate the trash icon in the Administration section and click on it to display deleted items. 
  2. Find the product you need to reactivate and select it.
  3. Under Administration, click on the Arrow icon.
  4. You'll be prompted to indicate a reason as to why you're reactivating the item.
  5. The product will be returned to its category of origin.

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