How to Edit a Company

How to Edit a Company

  • Go into the Contact module.
  • Select the Company radio button.
  • Search for the company on the left-hand side of your screen.
  • Select the company to edit.
  • Double click on it or click the Edit company button.

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      If you ever need to modify the information related to a company, here's how to proceed: Click on the Contact module icon. Click on Company. Search for your company and double-click on your company name. The Edit company window will prompt and from ...
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      Go to the Contact/Co. module. Select Contact. Search the contact to edit in the appropriate section. Select the contact. Double click on it or click on the Edit contact icon.
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      Top Screen Buttons A menu that allows you to manage customers, view the selected customer's picture and refresh the list. Contact allows you to view customers while Company allows you to view companies. Add a contact.  Edit contact. Copy contact. ...