Managing Decimals

Managing Decimals

By using Bulk type of products, Alice POS allows you to sell partial products which can be based on its weight for example. 

Decimal quantities are only applicable to Bulk type products and services.

Managing Products

If you sell weight-based products, here's how you can go about selling them:
  • In your Catalog, You need to create the product as a Bulk type item.

  • Once you have created the product, you must add the quantity that you have in inventory with a supplier purchase. You will be able to visually tell the difference between a Bulk product and the others thanks to the Qty column which will let you add up to 3 decimals to the quantity sold or received.

  • When selling the product, you can enter the exact quantity up to 3 decimals that you have weighed out that your client wants to purchase.

Managing Services

Here's how you can manage time-based services:
  • In the Configuration, go ahead and create your Service.
  • During the sale of your service, you can add up to 3 decimals so it's as close as possible to the time spent on the job.

You can use decimals for your protection services as well. You will need to indicate the length of the warranty under the Qty column.

For more information about the measuring system, please visit the Measurement Canada website.

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