Negative On-Hand

Negative On-Hand

You can now sell items that you have yet to receive. This is what we call Negative on-hand or Sale without Inventory. For your employees to be allowed to do sales without inventory, make sure they have the proper access rights.

Please note that Bulk type products cannot be sold as negative on hand. You will need to do a Quick add inventory in order to finalize your invoice.

Selling without inventory

  • In the Invoice module
  • Scan the product that has yet to be added to your inventory
  • The following window will prompt:

  • Clicking the No Inv. button will let you complete your invoice as usual.

What happens in your Alice after selling a product with negative inventory

Your products that are sold in negative inventory will be visible in the inventory list of the Inventory module until you have confirmed to Alice that you have received the missing items.
  • Go to the Inventory module and select the Inventory list
  • The F column will display a blue block next to the item that was sold without inventory.

Only Serialized and Quantity type items can be sold without inventory. A quantity type item will be converted into a serialized one, but it will not affect the Catalog.

Filling negative on-hand items

Via a supplier purchase

  • Scan your product or enter the product manually using the search box in the Invoice module. A new window will pop up asking you which items sold will be covered by this supplier purchase.

  • From the Inventory list in the Inventory module, locate your items sold without inventory, and add them to your supplier order.

Via the item window

Still under your Inventory list, double click on your sold without inventory item. Select the Action tab and you can fill your inventory in one of two ways:
  1. Click on the Send Supplier Purchase button. This will create a Supplier purchase invoice type by adding the product.
  2. Click on the Quick Inventory add button. This will prompt the Quick add window.


A new report has been added to the Report module, under the Inventory section. The report is Items Sold Without Inventory and lists items that have not yet been filled by a Supplier Purchase or Quick Add Inventory

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