In-Depth Overview of the Contact Module

In-Depth Overview of the Contact Module

Top Screen Buttons

  1. A menu that allows you to manage customers, view the selected customer's picture and refresh the list.
  2. Contact allows you to view customers while Company allows you to view companies.
  3. Add a contact. 
  4. Edit contact.
  5. Copy contact.
  6. Delete contact.
  7. Print customer label.
  8. Bring contact to invoice.
  9. List of actions performed on this contact.
  10. Refresh contact information.
  11. Print list.
  12. See reports.
  13. Display accounts receivable.
  14. Send account statement by Email.
  15. Display Consignments.
  16. Contact search history.

Search Area

You can search for your customer in the search bar on the left. All results related to your search will appear to the right of your screen. The Funnel icon allows you to activate the search filters.

Search Results

In this part of your screen, you can see the following customer information:
  • Their name in the top left.
  • Notes on their commercial activity.
  • Address notes.
  • Picture.
  • Notes.
In the center of your screen, you have more information about that contact:
  • Email Address
  • Membership status
  • Contact number
  • Preferred language
  • etc.

Transaction History

Below you will find a handful of tabs; each with their own purposes. The first one is Statistics which includes the following information:
  • Created by
  • Private or public
  • Current credit (green)
  • Line of credit (in red)
  • Consignment due
  • Total purchases
  • Total credit given
  • Total credit used
  • Total money given
  • First and Last visit

Customer Tabs

  • Invoices: Lists all of the contact's invoices
  • Rentals: Displays the contact's ongoing rentals
  • Orders: Displays the contact's orders
  • Repairs: Displays the contact's repairs
  • Account Receivables: Displays the contact's account receivable
  • Consignment: Displays the contact's consignments

If you're looking at a Company's profile, there will be three additional tabs:  Supplier Order Back Order, and  Supplier Purchase


  1. Dropdown menu allowing you to refresh the list or switch to full-screen mode
  2. The Navigation drop-down menu allows you to display the list by item, invoice or payment
  3. Navigate by category
  4. Perform Search
  5. Search across your network
  6. Rental return
  7. Show notes
  8. Preview the invoice
  9. Print invoice
  10. View customer
  11. Finalize the invoice
  12. Ship the item
  13. Bill the [shipped] item
  14. Preview the completed order
  15. Edit invoice (limited)
  16. Edit invoice
  17. List of actions on invoice
  18. Cash drawer summary
  19. Cancel invoice
  20. Refresh the list of invoices
  21. Export the list
  22. Switch to full-screen mode
  23. Number of invoices displayed under the selected tab
Please note that functionalities vary from one tab to another. For example, the Rental Return tab is only available under the Rent tab.

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