Setup - Picture Tab

Setup - Picture Tab

The Photo tab settings will be useful to those with webcams on their workstations and wish to display images of their products on their online store.

Program to run for taking pictures

If you have a webcam, you can choose which program you use to take your photos. If your workstation uses Windows 10, the OS will automatically detect the camera.

Default directory for pictures

This will let you select where to save all of your photos.
  • Immediate picture display: Enabling this option will automatically display the photos added to your products in the Invoice and Inventory module.
  • This computer is equipped with a camera: By enabling this option, Alice POS will automatically detect that your computer has a built-in camera. This can be very useful for businesses that rent products or sell licenses. If your workstation uses Windows 10, the OS will automatically detect the camera and makes this function obsolete.

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